#EOvation for Warsaw


Are you concerned about Saving your Planet and finding Solutions to the Global Climate Change Problems?

Are you looking for a 24 Hours Adventure? You are eager to spend quality time with high level professionals from Space Business and Science. Then Eovation Warsaw is what you are looking for. Come and join us for the great Hackathon weekend in April, And follow on our updates on Facebook. Looking Forward to see you in April.

April, 22nd

12:00 - 13:00    Participant’s registration

13:00 - 14:40    Welcoming message

14:40 -15:00      Preparation for the hackathon official launch

15:00 (22 April) – 15:00 (23 April) - Hackathon

April, 23th

15:00                  Official End of Hackathon

15:00-16:00        Preparation of the presentation

16:00 – 17:00     Presentations, questions

17:00 - 17:30     Jury discussion, coffee break

17:30 – 18:00     Official closing of the event

Designed for students, engineers and entrepreneurs alike, EOvation® Warsaw is an event targeting creativity. EOvation is a mix of a traditional hackathon and a Start-up weekend. Throughout the weekend, teams will imagine and design innovative services and products derived from space technologies and space acquired data to solve the societal challenges that appeared due to climate change influence. An experienced support team will allow those participants with the best ideas, to create a start-up company, with the help of specialized incubators as well as the professional network they will encounter during the event.

EOvation Warsaw is an event organized in frame of the EO ClimLab project of European Space Agency, first of the four planned for 2017 Hacking events in Warsaw. The EO ClimLab is a collaborative research e-environment enabling the rapid development and prototyping of new Earth Observation (EO)-based products aiming to support adaptation and mitigation to climate change across multi-disciplinary societal and business themes (e.g. agriculture, health, risk management, infrastructure maintenance, education, outreach).

The EO ClimLab can be seen as kind of "Fablab" environment providing developers with the data, tools and knowledge needed to develop new products and services to enhance climate resilience.
Beyond the competition, EO ClimLab promotes the use of Earth Observation data for the benefit of the public at large as well as the future of our planet, by organizing such a large public event around space innovations.

EOvation® will be organised in Warsaw on the 22-23 of April. The main Organizer of the venue is Kapitech Company, an innovation lead of the EO ClimLab project, in cooperation with Brain Embassy and BE Involved project.

The event is targeting wide audience of Mazovia region, but is open as well for participants from other regions.

Download: Competition Rules for Participants

Meet us in the Creative Space The Brain Embassy

In Brain Embassy you'll get the opportunity to meet creativity at its best. It is a place for everyone from big companies to individuals - the whole variety of inspiring people under one roof. Where you can become an important part of our exciting workshops and meetings, share ideas with local and international experts of different fields and enjoy your work in the way you love. Meet the future on 1700 square meters, where 250 comfortable working places are set up and over hundred of them is in separated offices. On this huge area you'll get everything you want - stunning interior, plenty of different micro&common areas, technical infrastructure, kitchen and dining zone, help desk, meeting rooms and much more. You'll be amazed while discovering&hacking at Brain Embassy.

EO ClimLab Create a mobile application that sends farmers forecast info and contact info for advice on planting, fertilizers, irrigation, etc.
EO ClimLab Create a small robot aiding agriculture in small/large plots - demonstration
EO ClimLab Application that tells farmers the best crops on an area, depending on weather conditions, precipitation history, pollutants, altitude, etc.
EO ClimLab Apply IoT to assist farmers by extracting localized datasets from big data provided by ESA Earth and Climate Observation Satellites. Providing critical information in deserted and off-grid location using satellite L-band which can be received all over the world without need to use anything except a receiver with an antenna.<br> Worth to mention that there is a company provide the receiver module called Outernet. So the technology, tools and data are there; it's the matter of connecting the dots.
EO ClimLab To develop an alert system to reduce pollution from agriculture and from storm water which overflows continues to pose problems in maintaining and improving water quality
EO ClimLab Development of agricultural application for making use of biophysical variables and agricultural indicators for yield forecasting system
EO ClimLab Development of agricultural application for making use of biophysical variables and agricultural indicators for yield forecasting system
EO ClimLab Provide information service to see in which places the number of plants has increased and where it has decreased. Compare with data of potential species
EO ClimLab Identify areas where major changes in dominant species occurred in the last (10) years.  Eg. Mountain tops where plains were replaced by bushes, pine forests replaced by leaf, É due to  Ónatural causesÓ (not including agriculture/farming)
EO ClimLab To develop a product  which allows for the assessment and comparison that statistically evaluates changes, pressures and threats available at Natura2000 sites
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy An app that identifies polluted areas and areas that can be used for green spaces, to cope with the pollution
EO ClimLab Solutions that identify correlations between bad climate factors (pollution, waste disposal units, ...) and poverty related information (social aids), and suggests coping  mechanisms/measures
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Determine air quality compared to city / country / Europe average levels. Find the best breathable cities in Europe
EO ClimLab Croudsourcing data using a mobile app or social media, to build an interactive imagery set/inventory of urban green areas
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Provide an artistic interpretation of climate change specific data (maps, presentations), that make scientific data more appealing or more impacting for the masses; this challenge should make climate change and its impact easier to understand
EO ClimLab Provide a data solution to compare changing river water levels to see if enough water is available for hydroelectric power plants, due to the climate changes over the years
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Identify ways to produce renewable energy in a sustainable/efficient way (reduce production spikes) by using  several tools (wind, solar, wave, ....)
EO ClimLab Encourage research and development on education in the field of energy. Focusing mainly on the development of more efficient new technologies
EO ClimLab Education materials about how to retrieve and visualize dust forecast to establish the suitability of solar energy farming.
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Create a GIS platform with data sets analyzing climate change, to visualize them through the platform in the frame of environmental monitoring for renewable energy
EO ClimLab Build a Robot that plants and takes care of a tree - takes action depending on weather/air quality info: add water, shade, nourishments ...
EO ClimLab Create mobile application that send forest damage detection alert to Local authorities. To detect, and assess damages in forest after storm. Perform a catalogue search for up to date data imported into GIS with post event satellite image
EO ClimLab App that predicts fire/flood evolution based on precipitation, wind, elevation model
EO ClimLab Correlate data where new fields were created in places previously taken by forests
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Create an app that detects deforestation and sends reports on air quality improvements (CO2 absorption, oxygen production);  Eventually create a robot to seed, fertilize, water..
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Using CO2 levels (readings) to determine green space (forest) health and positive impact, compared to average forests and/or average land sets
EO ClimLab Identify anomalies in forest covered areas (e.g. forests that have been cut down, leaving the margin intact, so that you cannot see the damage
EO ClimLab Develop an app that uses satellite data (weather, pollution, elevation models, OSM data) to recommend running/tracking tracks - best for your health and condition
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Develop an app that uses existing data to identify dangerous conditions for people with specific problems to go out (smog, acid rain, high CO levels, low oxygen levels)
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Build a Robot/tamagotchi that takes action depending on weather/air quality info (stay indoor, put on mask, put on sun screen, dress-up, ...)
EO ClimLab Develop an app that receives information from sensors and satellite and plays games with small children - helps  them get dressed, reminds of washing teeth or taking care of the family pet/ plants, put on sun screen, dress up, take shoes, stay indoor in extreme weather or high polluted days, ...
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Build a robot that receives information from sensors and satellite and plays games with small children - helps  them get dressed, reminds of washing teeth or taking care of the family pet/ plants, put on sun screen, dress up, take shoes, stay indoor in extreme weather or high polluted days, ...
EO ClimLab Assess air quality data and number of mines within 10 years in a region. Provide an environmental correlation service
EO ClimLab Solutions for saving/promoting cultural heritage in the context of climate change - art, tradition, traditional agriculture, agritourism, ...
EO ClimLab Create an artistic map of Europe (Poland, Romania, Czech) that presents the continent from 2 perspectives: on one hand tourist attractions (sites, castles, tradition, costumes, É) on the other hand climate change observed over the last 50 years temperature rise, deforestation, land use, present species, water  levels, weather conditions, air quality)
EO ClimLab Analyze snow levels and temperatures in mountain (preferably ski) resorts across Europe; create interactive applications with historical evolution and eventually multimedia content; we can have 2 goals: 1. develop an application - web/mobile and 2. develop a media clip including images, to promote the application or resorts
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Create city eco driving solution that will support you in monitoring the gas usage in the city, and create the monthly repost on the amount of fuel used and the rate of the emissions into the city atmosphere, including the non-driving state. At the end of every month each of the community participants send the analytics to the global system and has a chance to participate in the lottery.
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Localize lines of increased transport activity in the last ten years. Project data for the next five, and define the influence of the transport increase change on the change of the environment, health issues of the citizens
EO ClimLab/ Brain Embassy Develop apps that recommends traffic optimization measures to reduce pollution (restrictions, alternative routes, ...) for city managers
EO ClimLab Use a social networking game  to teach people about climate change and mitigation and adaptation strategies
EO ClimLab Develop an idea of reactive information system for emergency services, and city halls to inform about risk of flood, taking into account not only Meteorological data
EO ClimLab Develop an application using the meteorological and environmental data, that will provide a sufficient notice on the water supply need, and create the analytical tool of the overtime dependencies, from climate change
EO ClimLab Crowdsource climate change data, photographs, maps, data readings - from the same location over several years
EO ClimLab Present proofs of climate change (photographs, videos, evidence in housing, clothing, É) for the last 50 years
EO ClimLab Develop a film/animation about climate change and/or earth observation. There should be a special prize for EO Impact
EO ClimLab Design creative ways to reduce man-made impact on climate through design of infrastructure and work process, based on EO data; design new service models or processes, based on EO, in order to reduce negative impact on climate change/ produce positive impact with the same process
EO ClimLab Develop a game (online, board game, É) that brings to attention earth observation, and may help identify new means of mitigating/reducing climate change (policy, taxation, regulation, limitation, support for mitigating measures, etc)
Team Coaches – to support you along the way
  • Iulia Stortska

  • Joanna Krajewska

  • Katarzyna Wojnar
    (Brain Embassy)

  • Maciej Urbanowicz
    (MURB Space)

  • Jarosław Jaworski (PIAP)

Technical Experts – to help you advance your solution
  • PhD Pierre Philippe Mathieu
    (European Space Agency)

  • Philippe Lattes
    (Aerospace Valley)

  • Sorin Pop
    (Indeco Soft)

  • Paweł Szaga
    (Orange Poland/Integrated Solutions)

  • Tomasz Rzeźniczak
    (Integrated Solutions)

Business Experts – to help you bring your solution to the market
  • Marta Starek
    (Integrated Solutions (Orange Poland))

  • Michał Moroz
    (Bluedot Solutions)

  • Oana Rujan
    (Aries Transilvania)

  • Šmotková Jana
    (ESA BIC Prague)

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