#EOvation City of Future


Does your future matter for you? Do you want to live in a environmentally friendly city and be ready for the changes that Climate Change will bring?

Come for the EOvation City of Future and be a part of creating: your ideal future city, recreation area, workplace and playgrounds where your kids would be able to develop their creativity.
Using Design Thinking Methodology, Satellite Data from Earth Observation Satellites, and your creativity together we will build the solutions for sustainable future for us and our future generations. Event is open for everyone, we are looking for business people, programmers, designers, scientists
And even more...
Who knows more about what kids need on the playground, than kids. Special challenge for Kids, will give a possibility for them to build the idea of their ideal play ground.

June, 3rd June, 4th
12:30 - 13:00 Participant’s registration / Coffee time / Networking 09:00 Breakfast time
13:00 - 14:40 Welcoming message 10:00 Coffee Break
14:40 - 15:00 Preparation for the hackathon official launch 14:00 Snack Break
15:00 Hackathon start 15:00 Official End of Hackathon
17:00 Snack Break, Networking games 15:20 - 16:30 Presentations, questions
21:00 Pizza time 16:30 – 17:30 Jury discussion, coffee break

In Brain Embassy you'll get the opportunity to meet creativity at its best. It is a place for everyone from big companies to individuals - the whole variety of inspiring people under one roof. Where you can become an important part of our exciting workshops and meetings, share ideas with local and international experts of different fields and enjoy your work in the way you love. Meet the future on 1700 square meters, where 250 comfortable working places are set up and over hundred of them is in separated offices. On this huge area you'll get everything you want - stunning interior, plenty of different micro&common areas, technical infrastructure, kitchen and dining zone, help desk, meeting rooms and much more. You'll be amazed while discovering&hacking at Brain Embassy.
Cities are particularly vulnerable to the change of Climate. Such infrastructure as bridges, subway systems, buildings, and roads, the historic sense of place, and rootedness of residents are critical attributes of cites.

These strengths of place can, however, become liabilities if the local ecosystems that they are based on are unable to adapt to the climate-induced changes.
Climate change poses serious threats to urban infrastructure, quality of life, and entire urban systems. Not only poor countries, but also rich ones will increasingly be affected by anomalous climate events and trends.

Challenge 1:

During 24 Hours propose a service or a solution, that will help cities, using satellite EO and other local data to adapt to climate changes, and support people in Creating the sustainable city of Future.
Recreation is our way to reunite with nature, our chance to relax and get back to solving world problems with fresh minds. But the climate change has a very strong footprint on our nature.

Attention is on freshwater resources, coastal areas, and public lands. Specifically the likely changes in snowmelt and the resulting impact on winter recreation activities; the impacts on streams and reservoirs and how they may affect recreational fishing and boating; and the impacts on noncoastal wetlands, which may impact hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities. Rising sea levels will accompany climate change, and we assess how this change will impact coastal recreation, impacts on forests, large wildlife, national parks, and national wildlife refuges, and assess their likely influence on recreation opportunities and outcomes.

Challenge 2:

In 24 hours, propose a solution that using satellite data will help us to create the ideal recreation for us in the cities and outside of it.
Working conditions are an important issue in the development of the sustainable future.

We’re already witnessing the loss of lives and livelihoods because of extreme weather events and changing seasons.

Working people are on the frontlines of climate change.

And workers will be on the frontlines of the industrial transformation that is a necessity for a zero-carbon future.

But the influence is not only on the global scale, locally we have to think, how to create comfortable conditions around us to raise out productivity.

Challenge 3:

During 24 hours propose a service or a prototype of a solution, that will answer the to the needs of employees on their work places, for different professions in different places. From business man to the coal miner.
Playgrounds are places kids get a chance to be creative and play and be kids. That’s where big astronauts dream to become big astronauts, and build their first rockets, that’s where painters draw their first art on the sand. And it is important that all the conditions for that are provided.

For this it is necessary to provide comfortable spaces, especially in urban areas so kids can go out and play," whose area of specialty is the impact of weather and climate on humans. During the summer, those spaces often aren't available, due to hot temperatures, the main aim is to show that even on extremely hot days, a park that had a shade sail was safe to play in in terms of heat exposure and burning potential.

Challenge 4:

During 24 hours propose, a solution that will help to adapt Playgrounds for kids, and eliminate the influence of climate change on them.

Challenge for kids:

In 8 hours Project your perfect playground, and build it from the materials provided (lego, boxes,etc.)

General Participation Rules

Participation in the competition is open to business creators, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, associations, companies, developers, users, job seekers, designers and space experts.

Together they will form teams to take up, in 24 hours, one of the challenges to be proposed by the organisers.

The organiser reserves the right to refuse the participation of any person if the maximum number of places has been reached or for any other reason resulting from non-compliance with the provisions of these rules or a legal or regulatory provision.

The constitution of teams is carried out freely and will not be imposed by the organisers. The rules for forming teams are as follows:

  • a maximum of 3-4 people per team
  • the organisers encourage the formation of teams with different profiles and specialities: 1st, 2nd, 3rd year, master's, other schools and universities, etc.

Single candidates will be helped by the organiser to form a team before or just at the beginning of the competition events.

The event will be organised, using Design Thinking Methodology. The whole hackathon will be run, under the supervision of the Design Thinking moderators.

Designation of winners

Each team will present its project to a jury during an 8-minute presentation which will take place at the end of the competition.
The assessment criteria for each project focus on the following points:

  • use of Earth Observation Data. Non-compliance with this criterion is eliminatory.
  • the innovative and original nature of the project (product, service, incremental, radical and architectural, technological and organisational, business model, social innovation)
  • the expected benefits of the project (relevance of the project to major social issues, etc.) in particular in terms of creation of services and employment.
  • the validity of the economic model to generate income (maturity of supply and demand, reliability analysis, etc.)
At the end of this presentation, the jury will meet and designate the three winners of the competition

The participants irrevocably acknowledge:

  • that they have been informed that the rules do not provide for any recourse regarding the constitution or decision of the jury
  • that jury deliberations are confidential and will not be disclosed to participants.

EOvation for Kids

Event is also open for Kids. Kids of Age from 8-10, are invited to participate. The EOvation Workshop for kids will be organised on the 3rd of June from 15:30 - 19:00.
On the 4th of July kids will present their project to the public, during the official award ceremony.
The challenge presented to kids, will be to build the play ground of future, together with the Moderator of Kids.


Team Coaches – to support you along the way
  • Iulia Stortska

  • Katarzyna Wojnar
    (Brain Embassy)

Technical Experts – to help you advance your solution
  • Tomasz Rzeźniczak
    (Integrated Solutions)

  • Pawel Kwiatkowski

  • Michal Stawowski

  • Jakub Krawczyk

  • Radosław Kubryń

  • Anna Białczak

  • Dariusz Gotlib
    (Warsaw University of Technology)

  • Przemysław Kupidura
    (Warsaw University of Technology)

  • Beata Weintrit
    (Astri Polska)

  • Piotrek Konorski

  • men
  • women