Earth Observation ClimLab


A cloud-based collaborative environment for rapid prototyping of innovative Earth Observation products and services to enhance climate resilience of our society and economy.

The EO ClimLab is a collaborative research e-environment enabling the rapid development and prototyping of new Earth Observation (EO)-based products aiming to support adaptation and mitigation to climate change across multi-disciplinary societal and business themes (e.g. agriculture, health, risk management, infrastructure maintenance, education, outreach).

The EO ClimLab can be seen as kind of "Fablab" environment providing developers with the data, tools and knowledge needed to develop new products and services to enhance climate resilience.

The EO ClimLab can be operated by different organisations (e.g. incubators, techno park, local authorities, universities), which will have access to the EO ClimLab package described above including physical and virtual infrastructure and support.

In particular, the EO ClimLab includes the following physical and virtual elements:

A physical co-working environment, ideally hosted in universities

A virtual infrastructure environment on the cloud including:

  • Data from EO satellites, with focus on ESA missions,
  • Open Data from local providers and IoT sensors,
  • Processing and storage capabilities,
  • Tools for visualisation, programming and processing,
  • Development Tool Kits (e.g. IoS, Android.)

An educational layer including on-line and physical training (e.g. EO ClimLab academy) and technical support

A community animation layer including dedicated EOvation events (type of hackathons, data challenges) bringing together the developers (supply) and users (demand) of EO products for specific themes

A financial support to support early stage ideas and teams