• EO ClimLab Video Contest February 17, 2017 - Join our First EO ClimLab Competition, create a 30-45 sec video, for the project and help us to raise the awareness on the problems of Climate Change. Looking forward for your amazing Ideas, more on http://eoclimlab.eu/video-contest/
  • Paris February 13, 2017 - Paris the city of lights! I think it's the most successful cliché that I posted so far. It's to Oleg, the virtuoso photos of the night, that deserves all credit for this. Our Russian colleagues use a lens 400 mm with memory of development: it is enough to settle the development during the day, it Continue Reading
  • February 13, 2017 - It looks like this mountain in Iran is wearing a hat of clouds Blanc sur blanc : une montagne coiffée d’un chapeau de nuages, dans l’ouest de l’Iran https://flic.kr/p/QHJePk