• ESA BIC Prague July 28, 2017 - Are you interested in Earth Observation and how the available data can be used in an innovative applications and services for agriculture and climate protection?┬á­čîŹ┬áJoin us┬á#esabicprague┬áon Space Night event in┬áPrague Startup Centre┬áto learn more. Zaj├şm├íte se o d├ílkov├ę pozorov├ín├ş Zem─Ť a o to, jak je mo┼żn├ę dostupn├í data vyu┼ż├şt v r├ímci inovativn├şch aplikac├ş a slu┼żeb Continue Reading
  • ESA July 22, 2017 - More important data is coming soon from the Europen Space Agency. After the recent release of Sentinel 3 data, the Sentinel 5 is being prepared for launch in September. EOClimLab is also preparing for this! https://www.facebook.com/EuropeanSpaceAgency/videos/10155095845075667/
  • Sentinel2 – “Winter is coming” – Game of Thrones July 20, 2017 - Gdzie┼Ť ciep┼éo i s┼éonecznie, a na Lodowcu Szelfowym Larsena -54*C. Na zdj─Öciu z┬á#Sentinela2, oderwany kawa┼éek lodowca @Larcen C. "Winter is coming" -┬áGame of Thrones Somewhere it is warm and sunny, and on the Larsen Ice Shelf it is -54*C. On the photo from┬á#Sentinel2┬áthere is separated chunk of the Larsen C. "Winter is coming" - Game Continue Reading